Finding a balance:
The right mix of AI
and expert advice

We are here to optimize renewable energy production. We do this through a combination of solid, on-the-ground experience and proprietary AI-based software.

Renewable energy generation is what we know
What we’re not: a bunch of coders. Yes, our team has the data science, engineering, IT, development and UX know-how required to create software solutions and also years of experience in the field.
Different countries we operate in, Italy, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil.
Core team members and other collaborators spread all around Europe.
Wind turbine generators with more than 30 different types.
2.25 GW
Connected capacity in more than 56 wind parks.
We partner
with the best
The best way to create impact and innovation is to collaborate with complementary partners. We want to keep improving the value proposition for our clients, so we remain open to cooperating with similarly forward-thinking organizations.
We share value
We are the link between various actors in the renewable energy value chain. With our products, we create ecosystems that increase trust, benefits, and value for everyone involved.
Different hydropower technologies (Kaplan, Francis and Pelton).
210 MW
Connected capacity in 10 hydro energy plants.
Where to find us
We have created two highly specific Specialty Hubs in Europe: our Supervision Center is in Berlin, while technology development takes place in Madrid.