Wind farm Condition Monitoring using Predictive Analytics - Proxima Solutions
Windlog is the wind energy asset management software using predictive maintenance for condition monitoring of wind assets.

The AI-Powered Wind Farm Asset Management Software

Precise and detailed analysis of your wind turbines, parks, or entire portfolios.

Data in a matter of seconds

Quickly and easily access constructive insights via customizable reports.



Track minute-by-minute output from individual turbines, parks and portfolios, effortlessly identifying any issues or anomalous trends.



Understand in much greater depth how your turbines and parks are performing over customizable time periods, comparing power curves and being aware of component condition.


Data Studio

This is where you can download any dataset, no matter how specific, either as XLS or CSV files.



You have the flexibility to rapidly customize your daily, weekly and monthly reports, and define your distribution list.

Get the app

Brilliantly in-depth, real-time information about your assets is only as good as the app you view it on. Once you have your credentials, this app is your fleet at your fingertips, whether you want to see what’s happening right now, or view a year’s worth of data.


A centralised supervision and monitoring tool for wind farm asset management.

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